September 23, 2004

A few more pictures from today...


Today I returned to the Beslan School #1 to do an interview with CBS 48hrs. The CBS producer told me that the program will probably air next spring. It went well, I think, and it was great to see the sensitivity and compassion displayed by the producer, Jonathan Sanders, from the CBS News Moscow Bureau.


At the conclusion of the interview, I spent some time again walking through the ruins of the school. This was my fourth visit, and I must confess that the pain intensifies each time. I guess the heart takes in more of the magnitude of this tragedy with each exposure.


I was delighted to find the banner from Columbine High School and wreath placed by Colorado 6th District Congressman Tom Tancredo early yesterday morning. Congressman Tancredo came to Russia at great personal sacrifice in the middle of his campaign for re-election. This, to me, speaks volumes about his character and sense of honor and compassion. It is my pleasure to share some pictures from today of that banner.


If you know anyone at Columbine High School, give them our URL so they can see their banner. Point them to:

The following pictures were taken at the Beslan cemetery today.

Below is the wreath placed by me on behalf of the Columbine Community.

A note on missing children:
There are reported to be nearly 200 MISSING CHILDREN from the Beslan massacre! They have vanished without a trace! We are hearing reports that there are yet some human remains unidentified, but these could only account for a very few of these missing children. Many here believe that the children were snatched up by Ingushian terrorists (from the neighboring Islamic province) during the chaos after the school was blown up. This has been an ongoing problem in this region, as the Islamists have been widely reported here to kidnap Christian children from Ossetia and make them slaves or worse. Obviously, this is enflaming rage among the Ossetian people, raising the real possibility of impending civil war.

This place makes me want to scream sometimes!



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