The latest release in the famous Chicken Soup series. Dr. Bruce and Claudia Porter both have stories published in this wonderful edition.

For a limited time, order your signed copy and in addition, we will send you a free BONUS copy of Dr. Porter's teaching CD titled, Lessons from the Good Samaritan Story, which includes a radio interview with Islamic expert, Dr. Robert Morey, Ph.D.

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“Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, needs to read this book!  This is a MUST READ for every student, parent, educator and pastor!  The author has a responsibility to get this book out to every possible reader.  It is timely, gripping, and compelling.  I cried half the time as I read it, and I'm certain that this book will touch the heart of every person who picks it up.  What a great service to the memories of the victim families, and what a great contribution to the church and it's youth!

I highly recommend The Martyr's Torch!  A job well done!” Josh McDowell, Author and Teacher
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Radical Islamic terrorism threatens to paralyze and destroy through fear! This powerful and timely documentary will take you right into the heart of the rubble at Ground Zero in New York just days after the 9-11 terror attack. You will meet brave firefighters and the widows of those who gave their lives saving others.

In Israel, you will hear the amazing stories of paramedics, firefighters, police, doctors, and suicide bombing survivors. Your heart will be moved at the courage and perseverance of those who faced terrorism and won!

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