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A Master Encourager

Claudia Jean Porter

Claudia Porter
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"Nobody Ever Died of  an Encouragement Overdose!"

    Dr. Bruce and Claudia Porter, Founders, Torchgrab Ministries

    Our passion is to stir up people to love and service. Our vision is to be a catalyst for mobilizing, encouraging, and motivating God's chosen people to a life of demonstrating--not just telling--the grace of Messiah Yeshua to the entire world.

      Claudia Porter with Agnes Ubega

    Aggie's Baby Home
    is thriving with new babies!

      Miracle after miracle has unfolded in the ministry to orphaned and abandoned babies in Uganda.  Click HERE to learn of the lives being saved, the wonderful staff of mothers and caregivers, the expansion of the home and grounds and more!  THANK YOU to all who help rescue these tender lives from death.

      "This is pure religion, to help widows and orphans."
      James 1:27


    Reported for Duty at:

    • The Columbine High School Massacre
    • Ground Zero in New York City after 9/11 Working Search & Rescue
    • The Crash of American Airlines Flt 587 & Grief counseling in NY
    • Erfurt, Germany School Shooting
    • Typhoon Disaster Relief in the Philippines
    • Israel During the First Gulf War and Lebanon War of 2006
    • Beslan, Russia, (Hundreds of Children Slaughtered by Terrorists)
    • Filmmaking in Israel, Documenting Radical Islamic Suicide Terrorism
    • Tsunami Disaster in Sri Lanka
    • Red Lake Reservation School Shooting in MN
    • Bailey High School Attack Grief Counseling
    • Amish School Slaughter in PA
    • "The greater part of ministry is simply showing up and making one's self available to God to touch people and be an agent of Heaven's grace in Messiah Jesus. It is also being an obedient voice to speak Truth, even when it overwhelms and annoys people."


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