James Robison, President LIFE Outreach International

 At Rachel Scott’s funeral, Bruce Porter delivered a powerful and appropriate message to all of America.  …Everything associated with Rachel’s death and funeral was supernatural…I have a wonderful relationship with the great leaders of our world, with spiritual men like Dr. Billy Graham and others that you love.  You could name them all off, and I’m glad that I know them, but in my 37 years of interaction with great men, and speaking and seeing the great works of God, the most powerful, clear word I’ve ever heard came forth at Rachel’s funeral.  It was the manifest presence of the living God.   …The essence of that message is carried out in his book (The Martyrs’ Torch).  Bruce challenges us to “take up the torch” the Columbine victims carried and to dedicate our lives to Kingdom Purposes.

Mary I. Jumbelic, MD, Chief Medical Examiner
Onondaga County Medical Examiner's Office, Syracuse, New York

Thank you for so generously giving your time to lecture at the recent spring New York State Association of County Coroners and Medical Examiners conference. I have received overwhelmingly positive comments in regards to the content and presentation of your talk. I appreciate you sharing your professional expertise with our group. The conference was a huge success due to your significant contribution.

Jewell Patek, State Representative, MO

We will not remember 1999 for the parties or the politicians, but rather for Bruce Porter’s challenge to the youth of America to “take up the torch."

Denise Patrik, President
West Metro Sales Professionals

...thank you for your time to speak at the West Metro Sales Professionals meeting... Your manner of presentation was very professional and the message was universal and timely...

Many of us believe that 'small things matter' as you put it in your presentation... Thank you for having the courage to be a good American and represent us around the world in your disaster relief work. You truly are an inspiration!

Dr. James L. Zirkle, President and Founder
Living Water Teaching

Bruce and Claudia Porter have been intimate friends with Marion and I and the ministry of Living Water Teaching for more than 15 years. We have enjoyed times together of hardship and fellowship. Know that we've seen them minister the Word of God when things were flowing with great anointing and also during the dry times.

We are proud to have them as our friends and to know that the call that God has placed upon their lives has never taken second place to anything except their own children and dedication to one another.

(Note: Dr. Zirkle passed into eternity Nov. 1, 1998, in a plane crash in Guatemala. We mourn his passing, yet rejoice in the great fruit borne by this dedicated servant of Christ throughout Central America)

Jeff C. Perry, Senior Pastor
St. Louis Family Church

Bruce Porter ministered in our church recently, and the meeting was powerful. The content of the message was well researched, and was presented clearly and scripturally with humor and relevance. It was also a significant meeting because what he shared fit right into the flow of our church. It was as though the Holy Spirit had given him insight into the exact teaching we needed at that particular time.

Bruce has been a friend and comrade for almost thirty years, and it was a blessing to have him in the pulpit. He holds a special place in my heart because he was the minister that performed my wedding in 1978. He was also the first person to take me out on the mission field.

I heartily recommend Bruce and Claudia Porter's ministry. They are sound and sincere, and are very kind people. I know they will be an enhancement and blessing wherever they go.

Barbara L. Gentry, Lieutenant Colonel, Civil Air Patrol
Commander, Mustang Cadet Squadron,
Aurora, Colorado

I have known Bruce Porter since he joined our squadron in March of 1996, where he serves as our squadron's Moral Leadership Officer… In this age when young people are searching for discipline and guidelines, he is helping our cadets become moral young adults for whom integrity is more than just a word on a spelling test.

 Recently, Bruce was named Moral Leadership Officer of the Year for the state of Colorado. It was an honor that he would never seek for himself.  The outstanding job that he does in the Civil Air Patrol earned him the honor…  We consider ourselves very fortunate to have him as a member of our squadron.  We feel we have the best Moral Leadership Officer in the state of Colorado, if not in the nation.

 I highly recommend Bruce Porter as a speaker at any school assembly or other gathering of young people.  In having him join you in any capacity, you will be greatly benefited.

Winston Rogers, Principal, Berkeley Middle School, Berkeley, MO

“I would like to thank you for visiting Berkeley Middle School and sharing your personal connection with the tragedy that occurred in your community.  Our students were truly saddened by the event and they possessed a strong interest in the situations and conversations that led the two young men to feel so helpless that their solution was to commit such a heinous act.  There was much gained.

I would like to personally thank you for the signed copy of your book which I will display in our trophy case as a testament to the fair and equal treatment that all young people deserve and to the attention they crave.  May their hearts be filled.  I can’t begin to fathom the depth of feelings that you have experienced, but am glad that you have chosen to give of yourself and offer testimony to the memory of those slain, to the strength of those left behind, and to their resolve to help prevent another such tragedy.

Good luck in your efforts to deliver the message across the country.  I can assure you that the struggle is not in vain.”

J. Bradley, Principle, Fairland High School, Proctorville, OH

Thank you for bringing the Torchgrab assembly to Fairland High School last Friday.  I believe the students and staff were very attentive to Mr. Porter’s words.  The sight of 450 students sitting on the edge of their seats, listening to every word was wonderful.  That is the most concentrated effort of listen I have ever seen for a student assembly.

 I hope Mr. Porter and all others connected with these presentations luck and safety as they present their wonderful message.  I am sure that at least one of our students was touched more than we will ever know, as I am sure that at each presentation there are students influenced to be who they are and to stand up for their beliefs.

Darrell Scott, Rachel Joy Scott’s Father (Rachel was murdered at Columbine H.S.)

“I am Rachel Scott's father and Bruce Porter did an excellent job of portraying my daughter's passion for her faith. His book (The Martyrs’ Torch) will challenge you in a way that few books can. Once you begin reading it, you won't be able to put it down until you finish.”



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