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Professional conduct and sound Christian business principles require that we make every effort to clearly communicate with our clients, and come to firm understandings and agreements regarding what we expect of each other. Experience has shown that disappointments and problems always stem from unclear communications.

We cannot confirm an engagement or commit to a calendar date unless we have a signed agreement from our clients. We trust that you understand that this is for our mutual benefit in making certain that we provide a satisfying and highly successful event for you and your organization.

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Conditions Of Booking Agreement:

1.   This is not a work for hire agreement.  Dr. Bruce Porter is an independent contractor representing Torchgrab, Inc. As such, he retains all rights to and interest in any and all work product Speaker creates for the purpose of this presentation including but not limited to notes, handouts, materials, documents, slides, overheads, booklets, workbooks, charts, graphs, and cartoons.  Dr. Porter retains all ownership rights to presentation material.  Presentation material may not be photocopied, distributed, customized, publicly performed, displayed, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, or any other use by Client or its associates, without the express written consent of Dr. Bruce Porter. 

2.   Recording.   Audio and video recorders may be used during the presentation with permission, providing a master tape is given to Bruce  AND our phone number (or the speakerís bureau phone number) is printed on the label AND it isnít distributed outside the organization.

3.   Cancellation.   If this engagement is canceled by the sponsoring organization, the following fee schedule will be in effect from the time notification is received at our office in Littleton, Colorado.  Percentage of the agreed-upon fee due if the engagement is canceled: 30 days or less before the engagement (75%); 31-60 days prior (50%); 61-90 days prior (25%); 91-120 days prior (10%).

4.   Audio/Visual requirements .  If the program has over 50 participants, Client will secure risers, an excellent sound system, and a wireless lavaliere microphone.  The Client also agrees to provide the Bruce with a standard overhead projector/screen and a flipchart (for workshops only), the meeting facility, and appropriate refreshments for participants.

5.    Handouts.   The Client will receive a master copy of the participant handouts (if any) and will be responsible for providing the appropriate number of copies for participants.

6.   Travel.  Because of travel delays, increased security and other restrictions, Bruce prefers to only travel on United Airlines.  His second choice is Frontier, and third choice is American.  Bruce will not be flying any other airline, regardless of savings, unless United, Frontier or American doesnít service that area.  Because Bruce performs numerous speaking engagements per year, he prefers to book travel through his personal agency due to the possibility of cancellations and changes (exceptions are made in certain circumstances).   Rest assured, he will only travel unrestricted coach and will book the ticket as far in advance as possible to secure the lowest possible rate, never later than 14 days prior to the event.  Bruce will never take the last flight out or attempt to take a flight that is scheduled to arrive just before your event.

6.   Final agreement.  This agreement constitutes the final understanding and agreement between the parties with respect to the subject program and supersedes all prior negotiations, discussions, understandings, and agreements between the parties, whether written or oral. This agreement may be amended, supplemented, or changed only by an updated agreement in writing, signed by both of the parties. Either party, upon written notice to the other, may suspend this contract indefinitely, if performance is impossible or inadvisable due to war, strikes, terrorism or a threat of terrorism, natural disaster or other catastrophe outside the control of the parties.


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