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Naomi Porter Goes to China for Year of Teaching

A Special Message from Naomi Joy Porter
I hope this finds you well! I'm writing to fill you in on some exciting news in my life. As many of you know I have a heart for the world, and in Asia specifically. For years I have felt a strong desire to teach in Asia, and a door of opportunity for me to teach in Asia this next year has opened.




First I will be traveling to Japan with Celebration Ministry of Arts July 7th- August 7th. This will be my fifth year performing in this nation. It has been amazing in past years to see hearts touched and transformed by their first contact with our performances and our stories and dances. We will also be teaching children and leading purity workshops for young girls. Our team will travel to five different cities in southern Japan. Our contacts in Japan cover our in-country expenses (food, housing, etc.), but we still need to raise $2,000 each to cover our airfare and other travel expenses. We are so thankful for the opportunity to continue the ongoing relationships we've built with the people of Japan! It is such a privilege to share our lives and stories with these precious people. Every time I go, my heart breaks for those who try to fill their lives with empty religion and materialism.
A Year of Teaching in China... at last!
 As most of you are aware, I have been to China three times and have a love for the people there. After the CMA trip to Japan, I will be traveling to Mangshi, which is in the Yunnan Province (southwestern China, near the border of Burma). I will be working with some of the same people we worked with in 2005 teaching English, and serving orphans.
Loving the Orphans 
The plight of orphans has tugged at my heart ever since I became aware of the millions of Chinese girls who desperately need a home and family. Traveling to China twelve years ago to meet my precious little sister Hannah is an experience I will never forget. I knew then that part of my life's calling was to be spent loving these forgotten children. This year I will be working with two orphan schools- teaching English and dance.  

Precious People - waiting for special love
It seems amazing to me that there are still people-groups that have never known of the amazing Love I have found! Over half of the tribal groups in China live in the Yunnan Province (over 280 of the 400 recognized). I will be working with several of these unreached people groups. Over 85% of the De'ang people have never heard the message of Hope. Many of them are animistic or Buddhist. I am overwhelmed that my Father would send me to be the courier of this love!  
Teaching English 
Teaching children is one of my passions! I have been teaching 4th grade at a wonderful school for the past six years and loving it. I consider it a great privilege to be a part of mentoring young people to grow in excellence both academically and otherwise. I will be able to use my teaching experience to teach some children who have never even seen an American!  

Some of the schools where I will be teaching at are in the mountainous areas near the border of Burma. I will also be offering seminars to help local teachers with their English instruction. I am hoping for opportunities to share the special love in my heart with each person I come into contact with. The team I will be joining also runs a mobile library of over 5,000 books that circulates through the schools. (Being a bookworm myself, I'm excited to join this venture!)
Expressive, Instructional Dance
Amazingly, doors have opened for me to use my heart for expressive dance in China. When I traveled here in '05, my team was able to share through dance and drama. There is more openness to the love of my Father as expressed through music and dance than almost any other medium. There are 2 orphan schools that want me to teach expressive dance classes. There are so many open doors before me! All I can do is be continually grateful!



Your support for this effort is deeply appreciated! Without my faithful partners, none of this would be possible.
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