After a very long ride, and a somewhat challenging ride on a Russian airliner from Moscow to Vladikavkaz, we arrived. My son Jesse and I are staying at the guest quarters of the most effective Osetian Missions effort in Russia. Our quarters are just a few kilometers away from Beslan.


Today, Tuesday the 14th, we traveled to the School #1 ruins in Beslan to lay a wreath on behalf of those we represent in the Columbine community, the State of Colorado, and our beloved nation, the United States of America. The banner on the wreath read in Russian, "We are mourning with you, from the Columbine Community of Colorado, USA." My son Jesse and I set the wreath together at the entrance of the school, and then went inside to inspect the damage.


What we found was beyond human language to describe. The entire building was bombed out, with bullet holes and schrapnel pits throughout the interior. Huge holes were blown in the ceilings and floors, were pre-positioned explosives were set months before by "renovations workers" who were in reality working for the Islamofacist terrorists. Parts of the building had the walls and roof blown off, and all the windows were broken. The interiors of the classrooms were destroyed by the blasts. The most disturbing thing however, was the large number of drying pools of blood, bits of human flesh, and many hand-prints in blood on the walls, mostly very small handprints, of the children.


I've been told stories that reveal a brutality and viciousness that cannot be uttered without being defiled by the telling or the hearing of it. Little girls raped as young as 3rd grade, then shot. Children shot in the arms of their mothers by the terrorists because they couldn't stop crying for thirst. Children desperately drinking their own urine for thirst. Unspeakable things besides. My mind and heart are reeling at the scope and imagination of the terrorists who carried out murders with zeal while shouting out praises to allah. I am not exagerating. The pictures below give you a glimpse of the hell these hundreds of victims endured. Look upon them and thank God that you live in a nation with courageous leadership that defies the evil of terrorism by striking at it before it spreads it's hatred and vicious murder yet again on our soil.


More reports later as things develop... Pray for us.


Looking out of the gymnasium

Below are pictures of equipment used by the terrorists...

Below are pictures of the new cemetery created to receive the bodies of the children and adults killed and recovered from the school. We laid a wreath here also, in commemoration.

This letter and flowers are from the Israeli Government, placed on each and every grave, and all around the school perimeter with condolences from the people of Israel.


 Our presence here is touching lives!  


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